In the municipality of Pašman, starting from Kraj, the story begins. On each doorway, bankuc or šijavica, is being played and the children on the New Year's Eve chase off the old year by smashed pots. The nature has spilled its golden robe here, as it decides to calm down next to the old Franciscan monastery from the 13th century and give us Tratica sandy beach, which is the longing of every child during hot summer afternoon.

Although more recently the houses are being built by the sea, it seems that everyone escapes from fields and forests. Kraj residents are going back to the old palaces by its Mišulić siđa, under the warm costume in order to awake the scents of the fireplace, homemade bread and wine, fresh fish and old games again. So the old and the young merry, and it seems that Mišulić siđa again lives its youth.

Where we are?

Zadar archipelago is kept by a large number of islands. Pašman is one of them. It is situated only a few kilometers from the mainland and yet so close to the treasures of Kornati.


Pašman bb (p.p. 1)
23262 Pašman

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