Active tourism

The visit to the island of Pasman should not only stay in the tour of its bays and beaches . It is the island that provides to exceed the length and breadth, bicycle paths that left the adventure model by their crossing of the whole body of the island. One only needs to dare and go because every effort will be rewarded a hundredfold in whatever way to go. Roaming trail stretches along the old olive groves, climbing the hills, descending into hidden bays and behind every bend hiding at least one surprise. In the nearby cliffs there are hiding caves and stone remains of past ancient times, and as scattered beads along the trail every now emerges a little church or rural stone houses. Intertwined paths led by the beautiful nature of the island, where every breath brings the flavor of wild sage and other fragrant Mediterranean vegetation. If you set off early in the morning, into the dreamy magic of a mysterious green island, make a greeting to Kornati islands from beautiful gazebo and down along the centuries-old stone walls to hidden beaches and touch the sea.

Where we are?

Zadar archipelago is kept by a large number of islands. Pašman is one of them. It is situated only a few kilometers from the mainland and yet so close to the treasures of Kornati.


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