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Pašman Channel

The cleanest in the Adriatic and favourite in the heart. Pašman channel, due to the changes of current every six hours really is the cleanest part of the Adriatic Sea. Its rich flora and fauna are in favor of going, and it often becomes a research destination for sailors and lovers, of still largely untouched nature.

The seabed in areas jealously keeps the secrets of the past, so you rarely encounter a sunken ship or find the remains of a Roman town. The sea has been here since time immemorial, and will accompany our feet. In the same sea all the generations of our ancestors have been learned to paddle, and yet the youngsters turn to it with such a love.

In the early dawn cleanliness overwhelms your body by unreal freshness. Night baths are the part of the youth of anyone who has visited the island and also remembered the sun sparkling in the moonlight, while plankton playing around your body.

Numerable bays.. Sandy beaches full of children's joy. And as a crown of everything while protecting its maternal island, Galešnjak is looking us. The island of love. The heart of the world.

Southern side (near Kornati islands, the view, robinson)

The south side of Pašman Island is a dream for many. Nature and you. Sitting on the rock with your feet in the water while realizing how old is the fishing cottage behind your back and all the beauty surrounding it with pearls of intact islets in front of you, a truly lost piece of paradise.

Rock. Cracked limestone. Nature in its fullness. But only a hundred meters above, on one of the hundred paths, in the hot late afternoon, you are being a witness of indescribable beauty. The sea seems like burning in golden colours while the sun slowly descends into a dream, as if tonight you are looking for a new unexplored bay of Kornati, which only seems a part of your hand. At this very moment you wish to start the roads of Robinson.

Where we are?

Zadar archipelago is kept by a large number of islands. Pašman is one of them. It is situated only a few kilometers from the mainland and yet so close to the treasures of Kornati.


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