Ždreške lazi

Ždrelac is visited by a great number of tourists who like to visit the evening of culture and tradition, knowledge transfer, song and dance, what turns Ždrelac lazi into an important manifestation of the island of Pasman. KUD "St. Luke" and the women's association "Lavender" help in realization.

The Summer carnival

Although the carnival time is a winter story, Ždrelac is proud to wear its other faces during the summer and as a castaway or witch who descends through the streets of a small town while amusing large audience.

Rock night

Every year, Banj is visited by a large number of young people all over the Europe within the European project Music culture. Here, young rockers , most of which for the first time, show their knowledge, learn from the older and enjoy the hospitality of all participating settlements, including Banj.

International Folklore Festival

More than thirteen years on the first Saturday in July Dobropoljana becomes the cultural centre of the island. The Folklore Festival takes place on that day participated by local and foreign cultural clubs trying that traditions of culture, art and dancing never extinguish.

Basketball Tournament

In the birthplace of our famous Krešimir Ćosić everybody's favorite sport, basketball, during the tournament takes on great significance because the teams from all around the island and the mainland compete with each other and prove their skills.

Football tournaments

The most important things in the world in a small form, and to the islanders seems as the most important one within those seven days. During the indoor soccer tournament matches are taking place every day in order to gladly welcome the winners and have fun until the early hours. The concert in the honor of the closing date si being held on the last date of the tournament.

Neviđane Koliada

The winter idyl in Neviđane is special. Namely, Neviđane is unique for its three hundred years old tradition of ignition Koliada during three nights, Christmas Eve, New Year's and Epiphany when giving thanks to God for the health and safety from the plague that once devastated. The custom involves all locals happily sharing a common dinner on the main square.

Slingshot competition

The summer in Neviđane escapes from the sea in the shade of the forest to an old local water tank. It used to serve as a watering, and today is a place of manifestation and home of the island's competition in slingshot that pulls from oblivion the quaintness of the game while teaching new generations how to preserve the heritage.

Fish festival

Mrljane decided to show everyone how the healthiest is to eat what you have in your garden or the sea in front of the house, so every year firmly cooks brudetos or bakes fish on the grill, while spillovering it with local olive oil.

Slovenian night

The greatest number of guests on the island is from Slovenia so Pašman decided, in their honor, maintain, nowadays traditional, Slovenian night which is accompanied by music stars of Slovenia.

Adriatic Games

Every year Pasman gladly hosts to all known Adriatic games. On that day in the port, the important are not ships or boats but ropes, barrels, balls and islands with palm trees. The joy is guaranteed here.

The fair of island’s products

Each week Pašman gives you an opportunity to meet small artisans and people who belong to a sort of artists by their talent and who by using materials from the island convert an ordinary stone into sculpture, and herbs into creams and oils. Nature and art in one.

Kraj festival

Festival which for years during the midsummer entertains guests around the island. The island's food and local drinks are invitations you cannot not refuse.

Mišulić siđa

In the old part of Kraj, there is one day when the old streets wake up and where life returns at the time of our grandparents. Old games, clothing, food and drinks are being offered along with a lot of joy and songs.

Klapske večeri u Pašmanu

Božićni koncert

Where we are?

Zadar archipelago is kept by a large number of islands. Pašman is one of them. It is situated only a few kilometers from the mainland and yet so close to the treasures of Kornati.


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